What Dash Cam Should I Purchase in New Zealand?

Do I need a dashcam?

A dash cam can be useful on the rare occasion that you’re involved in a crash or similar incident.

That said, they aren’t always effective or, depending on your driving recording, worth the investment.

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a small camera attached to your car that records what’s going on in front of the car at all times. This allows you to watch what is happening and react quicker if you get into a jam. The dash cam also acts as a safety mechanism should the worst happen, such as in a collision, and allows you to call for help without the fear of another driver seeing the video footage and destroying your own claim. What you will need There is no need to get your own separate camera, as the dash cams used on most cars are easily accessible. But if you do decide to go the extra mile, there are plenty of dasd cam camera available that record at 1080p and there are now dash cams that are waterproof.

But what is the benefit of owning the dashcam?

Imagine some of the following scenarios and you can see why a dash cam could work in your favour.

A car ahead slamming on its brakes leaving you no time to stop on the road, a cyclist shooting out from a side road or across a red light into your path, a car coming the other way running wide and into your lane.

All are everyday events and we could list hundreds more but footage recording from a camera could prove beyond any doubt who was at fault and who should be held liable in any consequent insurance claim.

Here is the dashcam that we recommend using in New Zealand

70mai A500 Built-in GPS dashcam

Roaring ahead in our race to uncover the best dash cam is the 70mai A500, this awesome quality 140-degree angle camera manages to capture as much of the road as possible in glorious 2592*1944 footage. It’s so clear that you’ll be able to see each bead of sweat cascading down the faces of those who know they’ve messed up. That’s not all, though. The built-in G-Sensor protects you further by detecting accidents and securing them and record down the speed on the screen, while the looping video activates without you having to lift a finger.

Furthermore, the discreet design of this car gadget doesn’t draw attention to it and allows it to perfectly blend into your car, and while not included, it can house up to 128GB of microSD storage, giving you hours upon hours of recording capability without needing to clear the memory. It comes at a reasonable price but after just one accident will pay for itself, meaning when it comes to functionality, design, and results, it’s in its own lane altogether.

Discreet and low-profile design Full HD recording at 1944p Accident auto-detection with G-Sensor 140-degree wide-angle lens Temperature Resistant Built-in battery and wifi and support 24-hour parking monitor.

70mai A500 is a 1944P resolution dashcam that delivers day-and-night high quality, and it comes with the leading ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) tech that boosts your driving safety, not just remind you keeps on the lane but also gives warning you when driving too close. When the vehicle is parked, the parking mode will monitor the car’s surroundings and automatically start recording if any collision is detected in New Zealand. Recordings are stored locally and can be viewed as in-app for on-site download and instant sharing.

70mai 1S dashcam

70mai 1S captures the places, cars, and goings-on of your driving. It records the videos in bright resolution with wide degree angles. Not just insurance companies like dashcam so do I.

Thanks to the 130°WIDE ANGLE, this dash cam is able to deliver 1080P in superb quality clarity and detail.

And although it isn’t built with a screen, it has a WIFI and cloud streaming service (for free) that lets you view it from virtually anywhere and at any time and keeps the driver right.

It can support up to 128GB memory card that gives all-day protection and whole road video recording. The power only needs to connect your cigarette lighter then everything is safe enough.


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